Twin Flame Meditation

The Ramanti -Twin Flame meditation

With ONLY the price of a... coffee, 
I give to you one of the most advanced 
and effective meditations out there!
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  Get one of the most advanced meditation and visualization tools created based on the occult knowledge of energy manipulation. 
  Is suitable for anyone who is willing to step up to the ladder of spiritual and personal development and also heal the wounds of the past. That's NOT your regular guided meditation, this is meant to be for those who seek answers and solutions to their life problems and they are ready to move ahead.
  Balance your energies faster and easier by activating healing processes that otherwise would need more time and effort.

"The Ramanti meditation is based on modern psychosomatic alchemy and has great effect when performed correctly."

ramanti 2-403

  1. Increase in metabolic rate and body heat
  2. Cures a variety of health issues
  3. Unlocks portions of the inactive DNA and activates them
  4. Development of intuition, perception and awareness
  5. Increased will and motivation for goal achievement
  6. Better communication – better personal and social relationships
  7. Faster manifestations – Clearer more vivid visualizations
  8. Relief from anxiety, tension and depression
It includes:

- Guided meditation audio file
-PDF 3d illustration and manual with detailed steps and pictures to guide you in detail.
*NOT suitable for pregnant women or people with psychological disorders.

Featured inside: The spinning Merkaba and...


...the beaming "flower of life".


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